Ultralite HS is a non-metalic Silica Based mineral which is heated to suitable temperature, resulting in multiplicity of non-conductive tiny air cells accounting for the strong but lightweight and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Ultralite HS combined with portland cement and water using ordinary or conventional procedures (no need of special equipment) produces hi-strength lightweight concrete that is used for curtain wall system. floor toppings. lightweight structural beams and for a variety of permanent lightweight applications. An air entraining agent is used to improve the work ability and to control water content and insulation value.



The dead load and strengths are all controlled by the final density or weight per cubic foot of the concrete.Thus as the density increases, the strength and the dead load also increases but the insulation value decreases.

Data subject to minor modifications due to variations in mixers and job conditions.
*Ultra Plus=Plasticizer that increased strength by about 30%


1. As curtain wall, partition walls, fire walls, roof deck insulation panels, precast concrete articles and non-load walls.

2. Floor fills / lightweight hollow block, reduce the dead load in multi-story buildings.




Ultralite HS should be mixed in mechanical mixer. The required amount of water & AEA as specified for the batch is placed in the mixer later, rotate or mix solution, followed by cement and sand(depending on the density required) and HS aggregates. The batch is mixed until workable with a slump of approximately 7 (about 1 1/2 to 3 minutes). Then wet density of the concrete is checked against the specified range for confirmation, then discharged immediately. Mixing time is governed by the type of equipment used and can be determined by checking the wet density of the concrete at intervals until the specified wet density is reached.




a. Wet the “HS” Lightweight Aggregate before mixing.

b. Determine the load of transit mixer. 

c. Then add the following into the transit mixer (truck) in the following order: 

50 to 80% of Water required

100% of Air Entraining Agent required 

100% of Cement required

100% of Sand required (if needed)

d. Then add 100% of Ultralite H.S Aggregate required at mouth of transit mixer (truck)

e. Rotate / mix the drum of mixer for 3 to 5 minutes and then check the wet density / slump for conformance.

f. Remaining 20% of water will then be added until desired slump.

g. Do not wash out drum between loads. Using the correct amount of water the Ultralite H.S. Aggregate concrete should have a slump of approximately 7”± when properly mixed.

2.2 WET TYPE  

a. Wet the H.S. Lightweight Aggregate before mixing

b. Determine capacity of central mixer.

c. Load the following to the central mixer   50% Water 100% Air Entraining Agent 100% Cement 100% Sand (if needed)

d. After that, mix then unload to transit mixer (truck)

e. Remaining 30% water unload to central mixer to wash remaining cement / sand etc.

f. Unload to transit mixer (truck).

g. Repeat above until desired volume is attained.

h. Pour Ultralite H.S. at mouth of transit mixer (truck).

i. Rotate drum of transit mixer (truck) for about 3 to 5 minutes.

j. Adjust remaining 20% water until desired slump.


3.1 Due to the hard structure and medium density of H.S.Aggregate, It is ideal to use pumpcrete or bucket when transporting from transit mixer (truck) to project site. It does not separate from the cement and sand mixer when pumping. Unlike the other soft type and super light density aggregate.

3.2 Also, due to its hard structure. Ultralite H.S. Aggregate doesn't easily break/crumble while mixing therefore resulting to a more consistent lightweight concrete. The product quality doesn't change even when mixing time is prolonged. In short, ordinary procedure of cement / sand and gravel can be applied when Ultralite H.S. Aggregate is used.



1.) Full Strength can be realized after 28 days curing
2.) Indicated strength can still be increased by 30%by adding 250ml Plasticizer permix
3.) Density and strength can still very depending on sand quality and conditions
4.) AEA can be used to bring more the work ability and control water content.

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